World’s Finest Chocolate

World’s Finest Chocolate is an old time favorite.  Chances are you sold this when you were in school and it is still popular today.

Over 6 billion bars have been sold over the years.  That money has been used to assist schools, athletic teams, service organizations, charitable causes, and other not-for profits. This record will be hard to match in the fundraising industry.

NOTE:  for public schools, please check the Healthy Kids Guidelines, which may disqualify this product from public school fundraisers.


Pizza Fundraiser

School Pizza Night

No inventory or up front costs.

Papa John’s School Night is a fun and easy way to raise money.  Use the  flyer provided by Papa John’s Hawaii.  Your school club, team or organizations simply distributes the flyer at your school.  It is sent home to the parents prior to the event explaining the program.

On the designated school night, parents, family, and friends wishing to participate will place an order from our regular menu. They can choose pick up or delivery (no other specials or coupons apply). Fundraiser carry out card purchases may be used with this fundraiser.

Mention the school when ordering, then give the flyer to the driver or the cashier at the store.

Papa John’s keeps track of all the sales in our store computer.

You receive a check for 25% of the sales ordered by your school’s participants the next day.

For more information on this Papa John’s Fundraising program, please call (808) 206-8118

For Papa John’s pizza coupons, see

The best Hawaii Fundraiser

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