Fundraiser Ideas

Keith’s Cookies can bring the great taste of Hawaii’s most delicious cookies to your home, store or

10% off purchases $65 or more

10% off purchases $65 or more

fundraising event.  Our recipes use only the freshest ingredients found locally here in Hawaii.  Our cookies are handmade, and we never add preservatives. 808-847-0355

K’s Gourmet

With a variety of pack sizes and yummy Hawaiian flavors, our fundraisers are sure to please while creating a high profit margin for your organization.

These are just a few of the options for your fundraiser. these 5 pack usually sell for $10-$15 allowing for a $4-$9 profit for your organization.

K’s Gourmet will work with you to create a fundraiser that will maximize your profits. We also

Ks Gourmet Hawaiian Brownies

K's Gourmet Hawaiian Brownies

supply fairs, bake sales, and special events.

Call one of our representatives to customize your next fundraiser. K’s will also deliver your brownies free of charge on the island of Oahu. Call for complimentary sample packs of our brownies so you can try them before you buy, We will have your samples delivered. This options is reserved for Oahu schools and organizations interested in fundraising. Call (808) 227-5310

***There is a minimum order of 24 boxes per organization.***

Cookie Corner has updated their fund raising program.

$6 Cookies

$6 Cookies

Your group sells each bag for $6.00 and then pays $3.00 per bag to The Cookie Corner. You keep $3.00 per bag sold for your group. That’s a 50% profit for your group!

The minimum order is 240 bags of cookies. Whether you’re a sports team, hula halau, paddling team, or school organization, we can help you raise the money you need. And it’s easy because everyone loves Cookie Corner cookies.

Customer Care

Phone: 1-808-832-9840

Ju-Mui frozen Hawaiian pops.

Ju-mui pop

Ju-mui pop

Ju-Mui Hawaiian Pops are frozen treats made with li-hing mui. Sure, there are other similar ice pops; but, our frozen pops have evaporated milk! The milk is the ingredient that makes our pops richer and creamier. We have four flavors to choose from: strawberry, green river, orange, and lychee.

Each pop is sold to you for $1.00. Then, you sell the Ju-Mui for $2.00, making a $1.00 off of each treat. It’s that simple.

We have our Ju-Mui in stock for orders up to 200. If you want to order more, please give us one (1) week notice. For orders of 500 or more, a two (2) week notice is required with a 50% deposit.


Hawaiian Brian’s “Fun Raiser” Event

Have a party at Hawaiian Brian’s and raise FUNds!Hawaiian Brians

Entertainment Book

Get up to 50% profit depending on the number of books you sell.   List price is $25 per book.

Zippy’s Chili Fundraising

Everyone knows Zippy’s Chili!

Each ticket is sold for $7.00; your profit is $3.15 per ticket sold or 45%. You will owe Zippy’s $3.85 for each ticket sold.

The minimum ticket order is 200 tickets (your cost is $770) and these tickets are not returnable.

No refunds will be paid and no tickets will be accepted at our stores after the expiration date.
More information:  808-973-0880
VIP Theme Pack
Sell a VIP coupon book for $25 and get up to 40% back for your organization.
Companies or organizations interested in having a custom Theme Pack sponsored and created for them may contact VIP USA directly.
(808) 836-5995
Kona Paradise Candies
Make money while making a heavenly difference! Heavenly Paradise Corporation is the charitable arm of

Kona Paradise Gift Baskets

Kona Paradise Gift Baskets

Kona Paradise Candies. Selling Heavenly Paradise Crunch-sation nut snacks helps raise money for your organization.

Our award-winning gift baskets can be customized to include a wide variety of our Signature Chocolates and Crunch-sation Nut Clusters in addition to other treats. Delivery available on the island of Oahu . We can ship to anywhere in the world.

Papa John’s By the Slice

You tell us how many pizzas you want or how many people you anticipate and where you want them delivered then you sell them by the slice.

The school pays $1.50 per slice.

The school pays Papa John’s after the event & then Papa John’s returns the schools portion by check.

For more information on this or any other Papa John’s Fundraising program, please call (808) 831-3388 ext. 304.


Introducing Farrell’s juicy fruity lollipops to help your school/organization! But this fundraiser isn’t just about lollipops. It also includes a “give back” to your generous supporters. Just to say “Thank you for your support,” they will receive $50 worth of Farrell’s coupons. Supporters will love to assist your school/organization, especially with a chance to splurge at Farrell’s with a handful of coupons!

Each lollipop is sold for $5.00 with $50.00 worth of coupons, and your profit is $3.50 per lollipop. Now that’s a fantastic deal! (808)593-7676 ext.379


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